Holiday atmosphere and evening of madness!
Paris Hostel Party!


Party is fine, in a holiday environment it's better!

The beginning

To start the party you have to join the secret meeting point. The idea is simple, we have invited tourists staying in Paris hostels to make them friends of the "frenchys". At the subway exit, we gather the participants in small groups and bring them to the first stage. The complete map of the place of the meeting point is on your ticket.

Holidays at midnight

If the hostels in Paris send us their guests, it's because they love it. Without doubt, this will be the longest night you have lived in Paris. Everyone makes the party as if it were a vacation. For such a long night, we recommend you accompany the shots with some snacks or tapas so you can arrive until the next morning. Important: We wait for attendees only until 9h20.

A friend from here and another from there

Get ready for an exceptional night in which you will form a small group of friends and then another and then another and so at each stage you will enjoy Paris with a small group of new international friends. You can come alone or with friends, forget the impersonal parties, in our party everyone knows everyone at the end of the night.

Vacation a day, Vacation always!

A refresh in Parisian nights.

Private party*

to end the night among friends

Unusual Paris,

the secrets of Paris uncovered

Holiday atmosphere

with backpackers

Night Paris

and an unforgettable walk

The little plus

to an endless party

Create a group of party lovers

and become friend of everyone

Step by step

A night with several stops in a Parisian neighborhood.

  • Step 1

    Meeting point

    The party is in the surroundings of the hostels of Paris. The meeting point is secret, but appears, with a map, on your entry ticket. A guide awaits you at the exit of the metro. Attention- the number of places is limited-.

  • Step 2

    The surprise

    In this stop you will have fun in places that you will discover in the company of the group of friends that you have formed at the beginning of the night. Is it a pub, a club or a hostel? It's a surprise!

  • Step 3

    A little more music

    We continue the night increasing the atmosphere of bar in bar with a little music, a group in live, or an old school DJ.

  • Step 4

    The nightclub

    In the heart of a Parisian neighborhood, a private club welcomes us and, with the VIP bracelet that we gave you at the beginning of the night, you can enter without queuing. Here you will really feel on vacation, the DJ will take care of sounding the songs of the moment for everyone to dance.

  • And so
    in the mess
    it works


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